Cafe Brews

Things are in full swing with the new café opening in early June. One of the perks to gaining a liquor license is frequent mid-day beer and wine tastings… It’s rough, but someone must do it. Today, After being short-handed on a crazy day and hearing that my brand new hood was damaged in transport, I would have been fine with a bathtub hooch tasting.

Anyway, one of the things that I have been learning about a lot lately is beer. You can probably tell from my past posts that I am more of a wine guy, but after talking to a few St. Louis craft brewers I am intrigued.

Last week we did a tasting with Perennial Artisan Ales (South City) and I was impressed. Perennial is new to the St. Louis beer scene and their philosophy of seasonal local ingredients definitely lends itself to the culinary world. The folks at perennial categorize their beers as mostly Belgian style, but they add some funky techniques and interesting ingredients that definitely make the suds unique.

Perennials Hommel Bier would probably be my choice for an everyday beer. Similar to an IPA, Hommel is loaded with hops. This will make a great pair with the chili rubbed bacon bread sticks during happy hour at the Café.

We also tried the Black Walnut Dunkel. The brewers use hundreds of pounds of Missouri walnuts in the brewing process which leaves the beer tasting like bottled banana bread.

Em and I are planning on visiting Perennial’s South City tasting room soon to try some of the other specialty brews on tap. I’m not sure who is carrying Perennial’s products, but if you come across it be sure to give it a try.

Dark Chocolate Dipped BerriesChocolate Turtle Mini Cake Whipped Cream & White Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Demo Begins

Let the work begin! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a dumpster.

It took about 3 weeks to get the “ok” to start demolition, and about 30 minutes for the construction guys to destroy the old drop ceiling in the space.

I got word this morning that we have permits from St. Louis County so now it’s just up to the Fire Marshal and we can get started on the next phase of construction.

Thanks to M&D for a great birthday dinner! Wish I would have had the camera there to take pictures of the big-ass burgers and bacon deviled eggs. Old fashioned cherry dump cake with roasted walnuts could not have been more perfect.

My folks always throw the perfect dinner party.


Em & I just finished the St. Patty’s day 5 mile run. Now it’s time for burgers & beer!

The New Space

Things are finally underway with the new space. We are now at the mercy of St. Louis County to approve all of our permits & liqueur license… maybe we should try gooey butter bribes? As soon as we get the go from the county, I want the first swing of the hammer when demo begins.

I cannot wait to get into the new spot. We will have 2X the seating and a great kitchen to play around in. We will be expanding our hours in the morning and evening and incorporating beer & wine into the mix. I have some fun ideas for an interesting Happy Hour “snack” menu and some other surprises up my sleeve.

I finally feel like all of this is official after making my first large purchase this week. A brand new shiny hood system… This is the most boring, but most expensive piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Next week I will be looking at ranges, refrigerators, furniture, and lighting for the new space.

Keep your fingers crossed that the permits will be approved soon!


Whipping up a new French Buttercream. Rich & smooth with egg yolk and vanilla. Recipe is on the way.


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